Your whole body looks like a
beat up mustache
What was you eatin’?
Some corn?

Your whole body looks like a
beat up mustache
Like a dog been through some dirt
Like some sorta gutta cat
Been eatin’ outta trashcans
You have

Your whole body looks like a
Beat up mustache
You been eatin’ some soup
Some greasy meat
You need a comb
You need a seat to sit on
Lord knows you need some rest
Lookin’ mighty haggard

Your whole body looks like a
Beat up mustache
A mustache that done some talkin’
Too much
Been beat up
Lookin’ like you


All people have heard of space
It’s above them
What is below them
Is the history of the species

Like all people are
softer when louder
louder when human
simple sluts

Like all people do
We continue to breathe
even when the air smells like shit
it makes us nostalgic for shit


I’ve looked at pictures of buildings
I’ve read articles about buildings
I’ve burned articles about pictures of buildings
I’ve hung my old swim trunks on a wall
They aren’t mine they are loaners now they’re mine
They are ugly
They make my building ugly
They make me feel like a cheap bro

When I leave a building I leave it for good
When I’m learning about relationships I return
When there is nothing good about eggs I build
When there is a house with no scent I choose
This isn’t a place for friendly competition
This isn’t a place for open books
This isn’t your mother’s divorce palace
This isn’t your father’s obsessive compulsive aftershave


That’s why they invented piano
To attach the silence between two sentences
That’s why they invented trees too
Crickets too

It’s the same reason that when you run your hands
Through air and space
There is sometimes a photograph
Tinted warm with faded yellows and reds
And sometimes the kid in the photo wears
His red striped tube socks high
And sometimes that kid is you

That’s why they invented canvas sneakers
That’s why cotton is a fabric and not a metal
That’s why steel isn’t clothing
And it’s stainless sometimes

Silence between sentences doesn’t need pianos
That’s what people who wait to speak are for
Sometimes they need photographs more than others
Anyway, they forgot what crickets and trees are for
And tube socks


when you enter my room it’s a sacred space
there is a single candle and a light from the record player
it illuminates the things that I like on the wall
this is where the magic happens
magic is what I refer to as my private special time
my private special time that you can’t be a part of unless you play your cards right, and by cards I mean Uno
because Uno is special
Uno is a game that is played in rehab
it is also taught in elementary schools to prepare future children for rehab
it is a game that teaches you to shit on your friends
which is ok
but don’t let that vibe into my sacred space
Uno is a game that is played outside of my room
it is for classrooms and detox facilities run by doctors and teachers
now when I speak of private special time I am referring to metaphysical investigation
and this investigation happens after masturbation
masturbation is like the Petrine Era
then brief enlightenment
followed by the Romantic Era
which is like all special times combined
and it is sacred
and if you drew 4 earlier
you can be a part of that too