The titanic was a really cool ship
Even when it sank and all those people died other people who didn’t die were like “Hey the titanic is really cool” and others were like “I know right”
Frank Lloyd wright has been quoted as saying “I wish I was on the titanic, what a cool ship”
Malcolm X said “I’d like to make a pilgrimage to Mecca on the titanic, but I can’t because it is at the bottom of the ocean, much like racial equality. Still, really cool ship”
Denzel Washington said “Having the opportunity to play Malcolm x in the Spike Lee joint Malcolm x (1992) reminded me of the coolness of the titanic”
Peter Pan had been overheard saying “I was on the titanic, great ship. I was a kid, then I saw all my friends die and I grew up. Very cool time in my life, very cool ship.”

…and out of the movies
…and into the water
…who remembers such coolness?

Emma Goldman once said “If I Can’t Dance on the Titanic, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution. Luckily she’s a very cool ship, so it’s most definitely allowed.”