Meet me in the basement of an abandoned office supply store
that was run by a dynastic Mormon family
As first dates go, there is plenty of space to move around and get to know each other
We can circle the invisible tension in the carpet
and make mock cat growls and scratch motions with our hands
Like dogs, we may even bark
If it’s too obscene then we can return to our respective homes
and send to one another nude photos of our most unflattering hair
I’ll send you pictures of my back, you, close ups of your asshole
I’ll also send you pictures of my asshole
Soon after we stop talking
Until minutes later the loneliness that comes with being human becomes too much, we rematch
I send you pictures of my ex girlfriends bloody nose ring
And you send me pictures of your ex boyfriends rusty catheter
I fill your digital cup with the promise of a man
And in the alley behind an Alano club
We meet for our first date again