I have an issue with your children
They behave like my empty coffee cup
they stand up for random bird sightings
I have less fun when they are around
Why do your children have so much fun putting cigarettes butts in their mouths
Don’t they realize I was served a bad salad last week
They don’t understand the conundrum of multiple menu items
I was having fun and it stopped because your kids are smiling
Your kids take up too much of our time
I’m trying to tell you about a film dealing with a relationship
between an old white woman and a young black man
But your kids are more important than germany’s cultural output
I don’t understand that
I’m more important than a guinea pig diary
Why are your children so unhappy
Why are they so fussy when I have to get up everyday to fund a not so alternative lifestyle
I have an issue with your children
Why do they get to discover standardized testing for the first time
I’m filling in C already in my head
I’m walking out the door because you don’t assist me with bathing
or give me advice on budget seasoning for chicken